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    As most of us have our own personal solicitors, accountants and doctors; it is also very beneficial to have a personal banker to best manage your home loan/s. The advantage being, as a mortgage broker, I understand your circumstances on a personal level and treat it as my own, therefore, coming through with the best solution for you.

  • I can give you strategic professional advice

    As your portfolio grows and you add more properties, not only will you require professional home loan advice, but strategic planning, cost minimization and tax effectiveness will also be highly beneficial. Structuring your portfolio of home loans correctly will provide savings whilst planning for your tax time, considering any capital gains in the future, with the aim for you (and your family) to retire comfortably, making your properties work for you.

  • See my product range & comparison

    As a Mortgage Manager, I have a broad range of access to many lenders, therefore, when you sit in front of myself, you are essentially sitting in front of many banks and countless products.

    On the flip side, if you were to see a banker directly, they will only have access to their own products, making your options very limited.

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Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 4.09.53 PMLet’s talk about your home loan options, advice and product information from various lending sources and let me help you make an informed decision and save you money.

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Let's Hear It From My Amazing Clients

Onar operates with honesty and integrity. He is always responsive and brings me options and not just a solution. He has reliable networks and resources that makes me feel confident in his service. As for my recent mortgage application he was on board end to end to ensure my needs were met and that I understood what I was applying for. His level of professionalism and quality of consultation exceeded my expectations. Thankyou Onar and team for the great experience, I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Yee Nguyen
Yee Nguyen First Home Buyer

Onar worked out a successful investment strategy which allowed me to withdraw equity, re-finance and secure a new loan! I'm now looking for a bigger and better second property to upsize into while I continue to build my wealth portfolio!

Darren Shotam
Darren Shotam Re-Financed